~We suggest you hang and start using your swing as soon as you can. This will get you familiar with the different ways the swing can help you. This will also allow you to find a position that is best for you before you need it. 

~ The positions listed are just a few of the many ways you can get in and use this versatile swing. Use one of our ideas of make up your own. 

~ As a seat to support yourself during pregnancy and then labor taking weight off your legs

~ Place the top "Bear down Loop" across chest and place bottom loop around your belly then lean forward as far as you are comfortable. Hold on to the back of a chair, couch or door. Imagine a horse in a sling. This position takes weight off of your legs and hips by leaning forward, you align your pelvis. This is a great way to get baby out. 

~ Use it to lean on and rock your hips back and forth.

~ During labor, sit in the bottom loop and use top lop to Bear Down on. In this position your bottom is supported and you can squat with full support and an open pelvis

~ You can unfold the bottom fold and make a hammock out of the swing or keep it folded for maximum support while sitting in it. 

~ Wrap your arms around the Bear Down Loop to give yourself under arm support you can trust. No matter how hard you have to Bear own  the swing will support you. It is a great tool during second stage waves or final stage pushing. 

~ If you choose to use a birthing pool, you can install this swing above the pool while relaxing in the water you can use the loops to give you traction and support. You can also sit in the swing in a squatting position in the water. 

~ Best of all, you can do whatever feels good! Trust your body, trust in birth. best Wishes for the birth you envision.